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Head of Enterprise Data Governance at CelcomDigi

Ts. Jacky Cheong

Ts Jacky Cheong is a distinguished expert in enterprise data strategy, governance, and management, for a career spanning over two decades. With a global footprint, he has orchestrated triumphant data and information governance programs across five continents and more than 40 countries. Over the course of his career, he has orchestrated and overseen more than 40 esteemed global projects and programs, with a cumulative CAPEX investment surpassing 135 million.

Currently occupying the position of Head of Enterprise Data Governance at CelcomDigi, a prominent Malaysian telecommunications leader, Jacky’s portfolio also includes the successful execution of global data governance, risk, and compliance initiatives for two GSIBs (Global Systemically Important Banks). These extensive undertakings encompass an array of comprehensive data programs, showcasing his profound expertise in the field.

At the pinnacle of his career, Jacky’s impactful keynote presentations at prestigious APAC DATA2030 conference on implementing intelligent enterprise data governance using AI and ML capabilities have stood out. These presentations focus on integrating Data Governance, Data Quality, and Metadata Management through AI and ML, addressing Value Creation, Governance Risk Compliance, and Operational Excellence needs. His insights offer key takeaways, including enhancing data governance for real-time decision-making, streamlining data asset relationships, automating data quality management, and establishing robust enterprise data protection mechanisms.

Jacky’s profound contributions and exemplary achievements within the realm of data governance have garnered distinguished recognition through a series of prestigious awards. His impressive track record in delivering impactful results and advancing the field of data strategy, governance, management, artificial intelligence and machine learning, stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication and expertise.