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CEO of Origami & Founder of Artificial Intelligence International Institute (AIII)

James Ong

James Ong is an entrepreneur, community builder and research scientist with more than 35 years experience from industry to research in Asia, US and Europe across multiple industry verticals. 

He is currently the founder and CEO of Origami, a venture advisory firm for bootstrapping, incubating and accelerating tech startups enabled by AI, Blockchain, Web3 and Metaverse technologies and is Venture Partner at Delight Capital. 

He founded Artificial Intelligence International Institute (AIII), a think tank advocating Sustainable AI for Humanity and is co-author of “AI for Humanity: Building A Sustainable AI for the Future” (ISBN: 9781394180301), to be published by Wiley. He also co-founded Tech4SDG Alliance for Asia enabling Tech4Good towards UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

In the Metaverse space, James has been involved in the last wave of Virtual World collaborating with leading platforms such as Second Life and Hipihi. He co-founded a virtual world (now Metaverse) digital marketing agency for Second Life in 2007 that was eventually acquired by Hakuhodo, the world’s seven largest advertising agency in 2017. During that period, he was actively involved in various virtual world initiatives in Singapore such as Youth Olympic Game (YOG) tender partnering with Second Life and IBM, various experimental education and marketing virtual world pilots facilitated by IDA and MDA from 2008 to 2012 and also in China such as the Beijing Normal University Open University pilot in Zuhai.