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AI and Justice & Human Rights Theme Lead The Alan Turing Institute

Dr Anjali Mazumder

Dr. Anjali Mazumder is the AI and Human Rights Lead and Research Chair for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) at The Alan Turing Institute and where she co-directs Accountability, Inclusion and Rights (AIR) Research Programme with Jat Singh with a mission to align data-driven innovation with rights and societal interest so all may benefit from and participate in scientific progress (Article 27 UDHR). Her work is at the intersection of data, algorithms, and the law with a focus on developing and evaluating socio-technical approaches with rights, fairness, justice and equity, robustness and privacy, and accountability at the core of responsible data and AI research, innovation and governance. Her work is motivated by questions on the value and use of complex and diverse data and differential outcomes, issues and dynamics at the intersection of people, data models, and infrastructure, and communicating risk and uncertainty.

She has over 15 years’ experience tackling fundamental data problems of societal importance – in justice, health, education, labour, humanitarian sectors – working at the interface of research, policy and practice in the UK, the US, and Canada, fostering multi-disciplinary and cross-sector collaborations. She is an elected Council member (Trustee) of the Royal Statistical Society, and committee member of the Statistics and Law, and Data Science and AI sections. She was appointed to Canada’s National DNA Databank Advisory Committee (2012-2018) and currently serves on the Research Advisory Board for the Educational Testing Service (2021 – present), and senior management board of the UK’s Policy and Evidence Centre for Modern Slavery and Human Rights. She currently serves on several national and international multi-year research project boards relating to responsible AI. She holds a doctorate in Statistics from the University of Oxford and two masters’

degrees in Measurement and Evaluation, and Statistics from the University of Toronto.